What Diet Has More Healing Potential Than Gluten-Free

What diet has more healing potential than gluten-freeAlthough the gluten free diet has gained tremendous popularity over the past several years it is NOT the best way to heal from autoimmune thyroid disease. 

The reason why is that the traditional gluten free diet promotes the use of corn, rice, and other grains that may contribute to the inflammatory process.  Based on some recent research gluten-like proteins in corn can cause intestinal damage in people with celiac disease.

People who follow traditional gluten-free diet avoid only wheat, barley and rye, however most of them stay sick or don’t fully recover and continue to have persistent health issues because:

  • They did NOT completely or at all healed their intestinal damage or leaky gut that are the main cause of autoimmunity
  • They are sensitive or show a cross-reactivity to gluten-like proteins in many grains and it continues to trigger an autoimmune reaction
  • They have way too many preservatives, additives and refined sugars that come with commercially produced gluten-free foods and not enough whole fresh foods

That is one of the reasons why a TRUE gluten free diet that contains NO GRAINS can help.

What is interesting is that there is a rapid growing trend toward avoiding grains AND being gluten-free, but it is not called the TRUE gluten free diet by most – it is called the Paleo Diet.  The Paleo diet is grain free and if done right can provide you with many benefits.

Paleo Hacks Cookbooks DiscountHowever, there is one reason why you might fail to stay on the Paleo Diet and it has everything to do with your ability to make delicious food, FAST.

Paleo Hacks is the largest online community of people who follow this diet and they have recently released a cookbook with 125 + TRUE gluten free (Paleo) recipes. 

They help take the hard work out of trying to find new recipes that are both TRUE gluten free, healthy and actually taste good.  They walk you through each and every recipe, point by point, until your dish tastes amazing and looks fantastic on the plate.

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P.P.S. This is NOT a low-carb version of Paleo diet and it is safe to use for people with autoimmune and/or thyroid conditions.

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