Karen Brimeyer Heals Leaky Gut

Functional Medicine Physician and Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Karen Brimeyer

Karen Brimeyer

Karen Brimeyer is a functional medicine practitioner, certified nutritionist and health consultant who specializes in leaky gut syndrome, digestive disorders, chronic conditions and weight loss.

She has a degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Florida, advanced certification in Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle from the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute (C.H.E.K.) and also an advanced certification as Metabolic Typing Advisor.

Karen started to experience multiple symptoms and rapid deterioration of her health when she was a student in her early 20s. Finding no improvement by following diet guidelines of conventional medicine Karen found a solution to her health issues by applying holistic medicine to heal her leaky gut syndrome.

Now Karen is helping others to overcome leaky gut syndrome, lose weight and improve health. She believes that digestive issues are an underlying cause of many modern diseases, increased autoimmunity and many unexplained symptoms which can be addressed by holistic nutrition.

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