5 Key Nutrients To Control Blood Sugar And Insulin Resistance In Hypothyroidism

Blood sugar and hypothyroidism

Did you know that some thyroid symptoms can look very similar and overlap with other health conditions?

In fact, it could be one of the reasons why some symptoms don’t go away even after getting treatment for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.

Here are some examples.

If you struggle with any or all of the following symptoms:

You feel low on energy and like you are “dragging”
You feel like your brain is “foggy”
You feel you are hungry more than you should be
You feel you are easily irritated or more “moody” than you want to be
You feel like it’s impossible to lose weight with hypothyroidism
You feel dizziness and lightheadedness when fasting or between the meals

it can actually indicate a blood sugar problem.

In fact, people with hypothyroidism may be more likely to have insulin resistance which is a condition when body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance is a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes.

Here is why it happens to so many people with low thyroid…

1. Hypothyroidism, even if it is subclinical affects all bodily functions, including the blood sugar regulation. This means that low thyroid hormones can lead to impaired glucose metabolism and increased insulin resistance.

The lower your T4 and especially T3 the more likely you are to develop insulin resistance. This also predisposes to developing type 2 diabetes with time.

2. Inflammation is common in people with hypothyroidism, and inflammation can contribute to insulin resistance.

3. In addition, research has shown that up to 50% of people with Hashimoto’s have a carbohydrate intolerance and struggle to properly metabolize carbohydrates. This means that blood sugar levels are more likely to spike quickly when a meal with carbohydrates is consumed, leading to feelings of nervousness, lightheadedness, anxiety and fatigue.

4. Hypothyroidism is often associated with weight gain and being overweight or obese is a risk factor for insulin resistance.

5. Hypothyroidism may also cause changes in the levels of certain hormones such as leptin which can affect insulin sensitivity.

6. Blood sugar issues tend to get worse with age and the longer you have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease, especially if they are not properly diagnosed, untreated or undertreated.

Besides proper hypothyroidism treatment, improving blood sugar regulation is the next most important step for anyone who is hoping to overcome hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and adrenal issues.

However, common advise to:

Cut out or lower the amount of carbs you eat
Replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbs
Consume less sugar

may not help with insulin resistance. This will lower only the blood sugar levels in your blood but won’t improve much insulin sensitivity and your body’s ability to deliver glucose into your cells.

Which means that symptoms can persist or don’t go away completely and the most common are feeling low on energy… brain fog… feeling “out of control” hunger… and feeling irritable or too “moody.”

This is why it is so important to take smart steps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels with diet, such as reducing processed foods and sweetened foods but also improve insulin sensitivity by adding exercise, lower stress, getting enough sleep and consuming high-quality and effective forms of the right nutrients.

The good news is that there are 5 key nutrients that can help regulate blood sugar and overcome insulin resistance you need to be aware of and want to make certain you are consuming them properly.

These 5 nutrients can make all the difference

Research shows that consuming the five nutrients below can be quite helpful in supporting balanced blood sugar levels – and all the benefits that come with it, including in terms of energy, brain clarity, healthy appetite management, and more.

An important caveat, however…

You MUST pay very close attention to ensure you’re consuming clean and premium-quality versions of each of these ingredients.

(Because if you consume low-grade versions of the ingredients, of course, you risk not experiencing many or any of the benefits!)

With that noted, here are the “big five” healthy blood sugar support ingredients to make certain you’re getting daily:


Chromium may be the “superstar” among the five star ingredients and is an essential mineral that enhances the action of insulin in the body. More specifically, it influences the efficient transport of the blood sugar, glucose, into the body’s cells.

And the premier form of chromium picolinate you’ll want to take that is shown to have better absorption is the patented form called “Chromax ® .”

Chromax is a clinically substantiated ingredient that may even help reduce carbohydrate cravings and assist with weight loss while helping maintain lean muscle mass.

And yes, Chromax has been shown to promote metabolic wellness by supporting healthy glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.


Berberine is a powerful plant-derived compound that has been used in Asia for hundreds of years to support healthy blood sugar levels.

And research has shown that supplementation with berberine supports healthy glucose metabolism, and it may do so by activating an enzyme called AMPK, which supports the transport of glucose into cells to be used for energy.


Cinnamon has been used as a healing spice for thousands of years, including in Ancient Egypt where it was regarded as a gift fit for kings.

And multiple studies show cinnamon can, indeed, be beneficial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels by affecting the activity of certain carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, in turn assisting with healthy insulin function and blood glucose metabolism.


Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble version of vitamin B1 that supports healthy glucose metabolism.


Naringin is a citrus bioflavonoid (i.e., polyphenol) with well-established antioxidant properties.

And yes, research shows this bioflavoid may also assist with healthy glucose metabolism and insulin function.



Introducing IC-5 a premier-quality formula for supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism that provides you all 5 blood sugar support ingredients — in their premium forms and amounts!

Each dose of IC-5 includes:

200 mg of Chromax® , the patented and premium form of chromium picolinate that is shown to have superior absorption so you get the full benefit!
500 mg of Berberine
100 mg of Cinnamon Bark Extract
80 mg of Benfotiamine (vitamin B1)
50 mg of Naringen

Again, these are all premium forms of these outstanding blood sugar support ingredients with key ingredients provided in effective amounts – so you can trust you’ll enjoy the benefits!

Right now you can

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Best of all, IC-5 is so simple to use! Just take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules twice daily and feel good that you are taking a big step to support healthy blood sugar metabolism!

Here is why I recommend this specific brand for blood sugar support.

It can be quite challenging to get these five nutrients from your diet alone.

That’s why choosing a clean, top-quality supplement that provides them really is so “mission-critical” today!

However, before you choose a blood sugar support supplement it is vitally important to BE CAUTIOUS of those that…


Please never merely believe claims made on the front of supplement labels.

Instead, turn any blood sugar support supplement around and look closely at the ingredient label. If you don’t see the blood sugar support ingredients covered above – especially the Chromax and the berberine – please think twice about using that product!


Even if a supplement lists the five ingredients above, there are different forms of these ingredients and you need to make sure they include high-quality and effective forms!

For example, when it comes to the “superstar” ingredient – chromium – as you learned above, you want to be certain it specifically contains the patented, clinically demonstrated and higher absorbing Chromax form.


A common practice with some supplement providers is to “fairy dust” – providing the right ingredients, but in insignificant amounts that won’t really help you!

Why would they do this? In some cases, unfortunately, it may be to trick you – you may know the ingredient is effective for blood sugar support, but they’re hoping you don’t know how much you should take daily.

This particular brand provides not only clean, high-quality ingredients but providing key ingredients in effective amounts so they deliver on their promise.

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Finally, your IC-5 comes with our naturally honest 60-day total- satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied anytime in the next 2 months, just send it back – even if the bottles are empty – for a fast
and friendly refund of the full purchase price.

The bottom line is that 5 specific nutrients can make a powerful difference in your energy, clarity, appetite, mood, and overall in supporting healthy blood sugar levels, and IC-5 provides you these nutrients in their premium forms and effective amounts, so…

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