Thyroid Healing: Why We Don’t Heal And How We Can

Working to improve your thyroid health is not always easy. In fact, contrary to a common belief that thyroid problems are simple and easy to treat, most of the time it can be difficult. It starts from being properly diagnosed, when many people cannot get it right for years going from one doctor to another. And continues with one-fit-all treatment approach that conventional medicine has to offer and fails for most patients to produce the results they want.

Doctors solely rely on TSH or in the best case a combination of TSH and T4 thyroid hormone testing to make a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. However, more than 90% of people with low thyroid function have hypothyroidism due to autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease and cannot be diagnosed using the tests above. This means that

You may have an autoimmune thyroid disease but do not know it!

The truth is that without a proper diagnosis your thyroid treatment will not be effective. Medication only replaces the missing hormones without addressing the cause of thyroid dysfunction. Furthermore, if you are on T4-only thyroid medication following the standard therapy guidelines, for most hypothyroid patients it is not enough because your immune system stays unbalanced, triggers of the autoimmune attack remain unidentified and you may be lacking metabolically active T3 thyroid hormone.  

How you know the treatment does not work for you? You continue to suffer with multiple hypothyroid symptoms even if you are taking thyroid medication and your lab test results are normal.

Chances are, no one has ever told you that you have power over your health and there are natural thyroid healing alternatives that can help you to reverse hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease safely and without using thyroid drugs.

You are not a victim of your genes and your health does not have to be dependent on medication for the rest of your life or symptoms that leave you fatigued, unable to function, in pain, frustrated and depressed.

Why you do not heal

I know that you are skeptical that any improvement is possible after being told so many times over and over again that hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease are incurable conditions and you will always need medication.

Knowledge is power but at the same time our knowledge and beliefs can limit our actions only to what we know.

What I am saying is that a healthy dose of skepticism is necessary but do not allow your beliefs and current knowledge to limit your treatment options and prevent you from exploring new healing opportunities. This said I do not mean that you should try new supplements, experiment with different brands of thyroid medication or “eat less and exercise more”. This has nothing to do with natural thyroid healing, how to get off thyroid medication safely and actually can be harmful for your thyroid and damage your metabolism.

It is common to run out of energy and get discouraged when your thyroid treatment does not work.  It is normal to feel skeptical after you think that “you have tried everything”. But it is very unfortunate to see people working hard to fight against the possibility of natural thyroid healing. 

It is these beliefs that limit their healing because the person is not even open to embrace the new knowledge and does not give a chance to the new approach of natural thyroid healing and misses the opportunity to get results s/he ultimately wants. The first step on your way to healing is finding the right information and changing your mindset that will open a new door for you to your path to recovery and believing that it is possible.

Thyroid cureChanging your mindset from the widely accepted concept of chronic “incurable” disease to believing that it is possible to heal, requires much more than just hope, searching on the Internet or reading books.  

It requires courage, be ready to implement some diet and life-style changes and an ability to see outside of our conventional medical concept that says that diseases are “incurable”, you cannot heal and you will always have to take medication.  In order to see the possibility of thyroid healing, we literally have to be open-minded and be actively looking for a solution.

So, are you open to natural thyroid healing and the possibility to change your health for the better?

Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

What to do when your current treatment is not working

If you suffer from hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s disease Hypothyrodism Revolution healing program is for you. It takes years to gather the knowledge and find out what works and what does not.

Don’t waste your time until your thyroid is completely destroyed by the autoimmune attack or your doctor suggests to remove it.

You can free yourself from hypothyroid symptoms and come into remission from Hashimoto’s without relying on the thyroid drugs by using natural thyroid healing approach that has already worked for hundreds of Hashimoto’s patients.

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