This Fat Is 4 Times Better For Your Thyroid Than Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil For Low Thyroid

Coconut oil is by far one of the best fats or cooking oils, for people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.

Most benefits of using coconut oil for thyroid health are related to its ability to prevent other external factors from suppressing your thyroid.

Here Is Why Coconut Oil Is Good For The Thyroid

Most of the benefits of using coconut oil for thyroid health are related to its ability to prevent other external factors from suppressing your thyroid.

1. Coconut oil displaces polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) which are well-known as thyroid suppressive. All what you need to achieve this effect is simply eating coconut oil instead of PUFAs.

2. Coconut oil prevents oxidative cell damage which directly damages the cell mitochondria and inhibits your cells ability to utilize thyroid hormones properly.

3. Coconut oil helps regulate stress hormones which suppress thyroid function.

Most people with hypothyroidism overproduce stress hormones which can:

– Suppress your TSH and prevent your thyroid gland from producing thyroid hormones
– Suppress thyroid hormone conversion from inactive T4 into metabolically active T3 thyroid hormones in the liver
– Increase production of reverse T3 that clogs T3 receptors and makes you more hypothyroid on a cellular level

Adding coconut oil to your thyroid diet can reduce all these negative effects.

4. Coconut oil can help with weight loss. This is good news for people who suffer with low thyroid function!

Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), that are known to increase metabolism and promote weight loss. It can also raise basal body temperatures while increasing metabolism.

In addition, many people experience less food cravings, don’t feel as hungry and improve blood sugar regulation after replacing PUFAs with coconut oil in their thyroid diet.

5. Using coconut based cosmetic is one of the ways to minimize your exposure to estrogen mimickers, endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens. Too much estrogen can block the uptake of thyroid hormone, promoting low thyroid and Hashimoto’s. Nonfood uses for coconut oil include soaps, hair styling gels, cosmetics and as a skin moisturizer.


What’s The Best Kind Of Coconut Oil For Thyroid Health?

As with most superfoods, as people realize their health benefits more low quality products begin to appear on the food market.

Unfortunately, coconut oil is not an exception.

This is why it’s important to get a high quality coconut oil from a reputable source if you want to experience all thyroid health benefits and avoid potentially harmful components that happen during chemical processing.

Not all coconut oil is created equal. Here is the type of coconut oil you want to get:

  • Virgin coconut oil because it is the most minimally processed product you can buy. While refined oil comes from dried coconut meat that is bleached and chemically processed, virgin oil is extracted from fresh coconuts.
  • Organic because going organic also ensures the finished product won’t be contaminated by any pesticides or harmful additives.
  • Fair trade to ensure all the local farm workers were fairly compensated and ethically treated.

But what if I told you there’s another little-known super nutritious type of dietary fat that’s scientifically proven to be FOUR times more effective than coconut oil when it comes to increasing metabolism and mental focus, curbing the appetite, providing more energy and greater mental clarity (aka lifting brain fog)?

It is called MCTs or “medium-chain triglycerides” that are found in coconut oil and some other foods.

Let’s me explain.

Why MCT Oil Is More Superior Fat Source For Your Thyroid

Under normal conditions, your brain and body’s fuel of choice is simple carbohydrates, which are delivered through your circulatory system to every cell in your body.

However, at times when carbs are not available, your body has to come up with an alternative energy source and as a result it is forced to break down fat for fuel…

So it creates Ketones, a byproduct of fat burning that have lots of great benefits.

You may heard that some people go on a Keto Diet for medical reasons to manage their health conditions. This includes autoimmune disease, epilepsy, neurological problems, cancer and many other.

As a result, they experience fewer symptoms, begin burning FAT as a primary fuel source instead of carbs and lose weight and the increase in ketones helps eliminate cravings, increase energy and boost mental focus.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that having a higher level of ketones in the body is key to benefiting from the Keto Diet, increasing energy and improving many other symptoms.

High Ketones = Accelerated results…

However, Keto has BIG Problems like keto flu, strictly limited amounts of carbs, it is hard to follow and is just not suitable for everyone.

Now the Good News…

You actually can enjoy many health benefits of elevated ketone levels WITHOUT having to follow the strict, complicated rules of Keto Diet.


By naturally elevating your levels of ketones – which are responsible for producing the biggest share of the Keto benefits you would want – when you use a specific form of MCT.

Here’s What You Need To Know About MCTs

1) A very specific form of fat called “MCTs” can help produce those fast and sustained Keto benefits you want, like increased energy, major appetite control, and significant boost in both mental and physical energy.

MCTs, or “medium-chain triglycerides,” are found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, butter, milk, yogurt, and cheese. But, consuming coconut oil or these other foods will NOT provide you the fast and powerful benefits you seek, because they do not provide the most effective form of MCTs.

2) The “magic” of MCTs – the most powerful benefits – resides in a very specific form known as Caprylic Acid, specifically “C8.”

There are also other, less powerful MCTs, namely C10 and C12.

However, C10 and C12 (which some would argue is not even an MCT) will NOT provide you the fast and powerful benefits you desire.

If you want to reap the amazing benefits of elevated ketones (without actually having to cut out carbs to “do” it), you need an MCT that ONLY contains C8.

Not C10. Not C12. Not a mix of C8 and C10. Make sure you avoid the hyped-up marketing on labels and never use anything besides 100% C8.


Because, if you do choose anything besides a 100% C8 MCT, you are pretty much throwing money away and not getting benefits you expected.

For example, C8 has been shown to be up to 3X more ketogenic than C10, and 4X more ketogenic than coconut oil.

So, while coconut oil may be good for other uses, but coconut oil does NOT contain enough C8 to be truly effective at maximally elevating your ketone levels.

This is the golden key: If you want the benefits of elevated ketone levels without having to actually do the Keto Diet, you need an MCT that clearly announces it contains only the C8 form of MCTs.

There is only one high-quality product that I know that provides 100% C8 MCTs, it is called KETO ELEVATE™.

By using the 100% C8 MCTs found in Keto Elevate… elevating your ketone levels and providing you with very fast and effective support to help you achieve:

Peak energy levels
Appetite regulation and craving control
Unparalleled anti-aging benefits
Peak mental clarity and focus
Increased physical performance and recovery
A high-functioning, healthy metabolism

Of course, Keto Elevate isn’t going to allow you to eat whatever you want, not be active, and still lose weight. It WILL, though, provide your body with the one-and-only MCT that’s been shown to effectively elevate ketone levels – a key to yielding all the above benefits and more.

Keto Elevate is the first and only 100% C8 MCT Oil of its kind and specifically designed to help elevate ketone levels as fast as possible… without the Keto Diet.

And it contains ZERO ADDED JUNK or fillers…

You see, many MCT products work against your health because they contain things like hormones, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, soy, gluten, lactose, GMOs, sugar, or maltodextrin.

ALL of these ingredients can wreak havoc on your hormones including the thyroid and some can even increase fat storage and weight gain!

Easy To Use And Incredibly Versatile

Keto Elevate comes in a convenient powder form, instead of those messy MCT oils – and has just 1 net gram of carbs per serving.

Unlike other MCTs, it has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and it is odorless.

It also has a slightly sweet flavor that enhances the taste of whatever it’s added to (versus dulling or overpowering it, like coconut oil and most MCT supplements do).

In fact, Keto Elevate is perfect as a coffee creamer because it adds a smooth, creamy texture that elevates the overall taste. It’s much more effective than adding calorie-dense MCTs, butter, or coconut oil.

Now it’s easier than ever to get the seriously powerful health benefits of elevated ketone levels, just by mixing Keto Elevate into your “Morning Joe!”

You can also easily add a scoop to a wide range of recipes and beverages, like tea, protein shakes, smoothies, fat bombs, yogurt, and seasonings – all the while enhancing the overall flavor.

Just imagine… now you can reap so many of the benefits of the Keto Diet while still enjoying your favorite carbs… just by adding Keto Elevate to what you’re already doing!

And if you’re already following a Keto Diet and want to supercharge your results, Keto Elevate is ideal to help you do just that.

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This can mean a world of difference in terms of faster and more sustainable results for you.


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