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People with Hashimoto’s disease require a special diet that supports healing of leaky gut syndrome and does not include foods that trigger autoimmune response, food allergies or any over stimulation of their immune system.  Those who are just starting to adjust their diets to this new dietary requirements may feel overwhelmed and find that numerous restrictions are difficult to follow.

A great thing is that you actually do not need to reinvent a completely new diet. There are currently two diets to choose from that are most suitable for people with Hashimoto’s as a life-long solution after the gut repair phase is completed:

Precision Nutrition System

This system was introduced by Dr. John M. Berardi, PhD who is the author of a most comprehensive healthy nutrition program available online. It is a practical nutritional guide that focuses on development of healthy eating habits and the overall improvement of health and well-being. It is designed to improve the body composition and is intended for active people who incorporate regular exercise in their life style.

According to Dr. John Berardi you need not only a desire and knowledge to start on the new diet but the most importantly you will require the right plan of action. Precision Nutrition Program is a nutritional approach that focuses on reaching the following 3 goals:

  1. Improve health
  2. Improve body composition
  3. Form long lasting dietary habits

The system focuses on prevention of nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, acid base imbalances and is designed to manage cardio vascular diseases, insulin sensitivity, PCOS and oxidative stress. At the same time, being on the program you could expect improvements in your body composition such as increase in metabolism and lean mass and decrease in body fat.

Precision Nutrition approach is based on balancing of dietary acids and 10 Good Nutrition Rules you can read more about in the Nutritional guide for Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism.  The program uses fresh whole foods and allows to eat carbs that comes from non-vegetable and non-fruit sources to be eaten only on the days when you are exercise. People with Hashimoto’s disease will need to make extra adjustments such as eliminate gluten from their diets if they decide to include grains.

Some people get better results when they participate in some sort of program or support group or even take part in a competition. Precision Nutrition involves all this components:

1. The Precision Nutrition Program provides you with 10 guidebooks and the Gourmet Nutrition volume 1 cookbook. The system is a complete do-it-yourself guide on how to achieve better health and body composition. You will find a simple systematic nutritional approach explained in great detail.

The program is organized in an entertaining and instructive format and provides you with everything you need to develop healthy eating habits, improve your health and achieve the body you desire.

2. It is a well-known fact, that most people achieve better results when they get support from the other people that share their beliefs. The program also includes full membership to the Member Zone, where you’ll find an online library with articles about nutrition and exercise and the 24/7 private support forums.

3. To get you even more motivated once per year (usually in January) Precision Nutrition is accepting a small group of new clients into their renowned fat loss coaching programs, Lean Eating for Men and Lean Eating for Women. The company set up prize money ($50,000 in 2011) for the best body transformations in the group. Please visit Precision Nutrition website to get more information about the competition and get on the waiting list.

There is no better program combining diet and exercise than that offered by Precision Nutrition They are not offering any programs right now, but if you sign up on their website, you’ll be notified when they do.

Also see Gourmet Nutrition: The Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover. It is a brand new book Gourmet Nutrition volume 2.0. The cookbook includes nearly 300 pages and over 120 recipes to show you how to use fresh ingredients to make nutritious meals. Every recipe provides you with detailed cooking instructions, beautiful full color pictures and full nutritional values. Find out more about Gourmet Nutrition here.

In the following 6 part video Dr. Berrardi gives an interview about basic principles of the Precision Nutrition program and introduces his cookbook Gourmet Nutrition On The Line TV show. He also answers questions about nutrition for people with food allergies, celiac disease, major causes of weight gain, how to become a healthier person using a proper nutrition and what type of exercise you need to feel great.

The Link in the Video: Gourmet Nutrition cookbook

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