How To Use Medicinal Tea For Thyroid Health

Medicinal Tea For Thyroid

I’m a big fan of tea and actually drink it every day.

Having a cup of tea can be a soothing, relaxing ritual and provide many benefits for your thyroid and overall health… but only when you are drinking the right type of tea.

In fact, there are some types of tea that support your immune system in autoimmune thyroid disease including Hashimoto’s, help reduce stress and anxiety, aid digestion, improve metabolism and cognitive performance and much more.

Tea is not only antioxidant-rich, but is the best natural source of natural compounds that deliver some real health benefits for people with thyroid imbalances.

What are these natural compounds you ask?

5 Ways Drinking Tea Can Help Your Thyroid

1.Tea is a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants.

There are at least 3 groups of polyphenols that include catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins, are the main sources of antioxidants and can promote overall health. Research studies found out that flavonoids have disease-fighting properties and can help to remove free radicals, decrease cell damage and as result reduce risk of chronic disease.

Flavonoids like theaflavins can help with cardiovascular health by decreasing inflammation, reducing plaque buildup inside the arteries, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Another benefit is reduced risk of cancer. Some studies show that black and green tea may help to regulate cancer cell growth and reduce new cell development. This includes breast and thyroid cancer.

2.Tea contains a unique amino acid called Ltheanine that can modulate brain function in humans.

L-theanine, naturally found in tea leaves, helps:

● Boost levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid and other calming brain chemicals. Increasing levels of these calming brain chemicals helps promotes relaxation, regulation emotions, mood, and sleep!
● Lower levels of “excitatory” brain chemicals which helps reduce stress and anxiety.
● Enhance alpha brain waves which increases relaxation, alertness, and creativity. It’s what monks drink to help themselves stay focused during long hours of meditation!

However, this effects has only been established at higher doses than that typically found in a cup of black tea (approximately 20 mg).

3.Tea is loaded with polyphenols that make tea literally one of the healthiest superfoods you can and should consume.

● Improves sleep
● Reduces stress and anxiety
● Enhances attention, focus, memory and learning
● Helps you maintain a healthy weight
● Reduces wrinkles, banish cellulite and improve the quality of your skin

4. Some teas have a fat burning potential.

Many people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease have sluggish metabolism and struggle with weight gain and cannot lose weight or keep it off. But did you know that drinking matcha green tea can help you to improve your metabolism?

Matcha is the concentrated green colored powder made from green tea leaves. Despite containing about the half of the amount of caffeine as a cup of espresso, it is not going to give you jitters and anxiety that sometimes can come as a side effect of caffeine.

This happens due to calming effect of the amino acid L-theanine that is also present in in matcha. As a result, a combination of caffeine with L-theanine will help with mental alertness and concentration.

If you are concerned about coffee and caffeine here is an article that explains how coffee can actually protect you from thyroid disease.

Furthermore, matcha green tea also has high amounts of antioxidant compounds called catechins which have been shown to boost metabolism, burn fat and assist with weight loss. For the purest matcha go with organic matcha powder that is sourced from Japan like this one.

Matcha Green Tea For Metabolism

5. Improved gut health due to natural prebiotics in tea.

If you follow my blog for some time you already know that your thyroid health depends on your gut or gastrointestinal health.

So many people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease struggle with symptoms that are directly related to what is happening in their digestive tract such as:

● Intestinal inflammation
● Leaky gut syndrome
● Infections
● Parasites
● Acid reflux
● Constipation
● Lower T4 to T3 thyroid hormones conversion
● Impaired digestion and absorption of nutrients.

One of the strategies to improve your thyroid and gut health at the same time is to add polyphenols to your thyroid diet.

Most people don’t realize that the polyphenols in tea are a natural prebiotic. This means that, when you drink tea, you’re feeding your gut good bacteria, while inhibiting the growth of pathogens and bad bacteria.

So you’ll help balance your gut and the trillions of microbes living in it – you know, the ones that control and alter everything from your mood and mental performance to your weight and immune system – with each cup you drink!

Here’s the most important part though…

The ONLY way to get these benefits from tea is to make sure you’re actually getting high-quality polyphenols in a sufficient quantity from the tea you’re drinking.

So how are you supposed to do that?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as reading a tea label and calling it a day. As great as tea is for your body, sleep and digestion, there’s a HUGE problem with most of what you’ll find in stores.

The problem is that the vast majority of tea sold in the U.S. today is filled with sugar and artificial fillers. Most conventional tea bags and bottled teas are loaded with toxins and pesticides like nylon, arsenic and lead.

All these chemicals are harmful for your thyroid and overall health, especially if you drink a lot of tea (as I do) because the higher the dose the bigger the damage. That is why it is very important to get your tea from a reputable clean source to ensure its purity.

Where I Get My Daily Tea From

While tea is a polyphenol-rich powerhouse, the biggest drawback is finding the right source to deliver the potency, purity and convenience I am looking for.

Fortunately enough, I have recently discovered Pique Tea – a revolutionary way of drinking tea.

After (literally) eight years of formulating a proprietary Cold Brew Crystallization method, and thousands of hours finding premium organic ingredients from around the world, Pique Tea has finally developed a state of the art Tea Crystals.

Pique Tea’s Tea Crystals has created a tea that meets my criteria.

5 Signs Of A High Quality Medicinal Tea:

● Delivers up to 12x the antioxidants of regular tea, making it more potent and powerful than any other tea in the market
● Triple Screens for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals
● Made from the highest quality tea leaves and natural ingredients that are organic, sugar-free and free of additives
● The only tea company to display all measurable caffeine, l-theanine, and antioxidant levels of every flavor so you know how much you’re putting in your body
● Effortlessly hot and cold water soluble

I wanted you to enjoy their Tea Crystals too so right now Pique Tea are offering you up to 20% off their Gut Health bundles and free shipping (US only) for their Gut Health Tea Crystals.

Creating a healthier gut comes with incredible benefits such as:
● Lose weight with less effort
● Poop like clockwork
● Sleep more soundly
● Achieve a newfound glow
● Encounter less brain fog and increased mental performance
● Have strengthened immunity

If you’re struggling with any of those areas, I suggest to give Tea Crystals a try and experience benefits they provide for your gut and thyroid health yourself.

To get the best results choose one of the Gut Health Bundles that you feel is the best fit for your lifestyle and goals:

  1. Gut Health Starter Bundle. For beginners who want noticeable improvement in gut health.
  2. Gut Health Accelerator Bundle. For the goal oriented tea drinker who loves variety and is seeking gut health solutions.
  3. Gut Health Ultimate Bundle. For the tea lover who wants maximum variety, benefits and savings.

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