Lesson 8. Thyroid and weight gain

Nutritional guide to Hashimoto’s disease series

The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism and when it doesn’t secrete enough hormones many women gain or have difficulties to lose weight. It happens quite often that even diet modifications, regular exercise and adjustment of the thyroid medication do not help.

Why women with underactive thyroid cannot lose weight:

1. You can still be hypothyroid and experience symptoms of hypothyroidism even while your thyroid blood tests are in the normal range. According to naturopathic physician Dr. Bryan Walsh many women have hypothyroid symptoms because they are not being accurately diagnosed.

The following video on hypothyroidism is an excerpt from the Fat is not your fault educational program created by Dr. Walsh especially for people who are struggling with weight loss. He talks about thyroid defects that if undiagnosed can cause numerous hypothyroid symptoms including the inability to lose weight.

2. Hypothyroidism is only one of many contributing factors which could be responsible for a maximum 10% of the body weight gain that mainly occurs due to salt and water retention. If you gain more weight it indicates that something else in your body in addition to your thyroid doesn’t work as it should.

According to Dr. Bryan Walsh, our physiology dictates how well the body responds to diet and exercise. An impaired production and function of hormones such as insulin, estrogen, progesterone as well as the influence of many other chemicals and proteins are very important in controlling the body weight. In the following article Dr. Walsh gives an overview about physiological factors that may negatively impact your weight loss efforts.

Beyond Diet and Exercise – The Top 7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

By Bryan Walsh

If you have tried a diet and exercise program but have not achieved the results you are looking for, perhaps it’s not the program you have been following, but maybe your body is not allowing you to lose weight. To be honest, this is the most least talked about issue in the weight loss industry – that the body must be working properly to lose weight and if it’s not, weight loss can be difficult if not impossible.

Here are the top 7 reasons you aren’t losing weight:

  1. Thyroid – If your thyroid gland is sluggish, you will have a hard time losing weight. It is the master metabolism gland in your body responsible for how many calories you burn, your resting metabolic rate, and how easy it is to lose weight.
  2. Gastrointestinal health – Food allergies or gastrointestinal infection (i.e. bacterial, fungal) will stop you from losing weight in a number of ways. Gastrointestinal inflammation creates a systemic cascade of events resulting in hormone imbalance, a stress response, and oxidative stress, all leading to the inability to lose weight.
  3. Adrenal stress – Overactive or underactive adrenal glands – the glands responsible for your body’s stress response – lead to difficulty losing weight primarily through cortisol and blood sugar imbalances. Dysfunctional adrenal glands will also alter hormone balance, suppress immune function and lower thyroid hormone production.
  4. Hormones – Male and female sex hormones (i.e. testosterone and estrogen), when imbalanced, will lead to difficulties losing weight. Blood sugar imbalances in men increase estrogen levels, and blood sugar imbalances in women increases testosterone levels. Both of these will lead to significant weight loss difficulties.
  5. Toxicity – Numerous pesticides and chemicals have been shown to increase fat gain in animal studies. Many of these chemicals are ubiquitous in our environment today and are likely contributing to our inability to lose weight. Cleaning up our lifestyle, using non-toxic cleaning products, eating organic food and making sure your liver is working properly is more important than ever.
  6. Neurotransmitters – These chemical messengers in our brain play a role in mood, food cravings, motivation and will-power. If neurotransmitter imbalances exist, following a diet and exercise program will be difficult at best.
  7. Cellular health – Above all else, if the cells are not working properly in your body, weight loss can be difficult. Cellular health is based on getting the right nutrients into your cells to make the citric acid cycle function properly (i.e. B vitamins, lipoic acid). Additionally, getting in adequate amounts of oxygen and glucose into the cells is of paramount importance for optimal energy production.

This is a very broad overview of critical systems that must be working properly for weight loss to occur. It is not just about diet and exercise, despite what the fitness and nutrition industry wants you to believe.

Dr. Bryan Walsh is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in helping people find the underlying reasons they aren’t losing weight. He has created a multi-media product called Fat Is Not Your Fault offering a manual, assessment form, audio interpretation guide and over two and a half hours of video covering the many different reasons people aren’t losing weight. For more information visit Fat is not your fault

The Missing Fat Loss Information

The same 7 reasons why you are not losing body fat often affects your thyroid function. For example:

  • Absence of the good intestinal bacteria and/or bad bacteria overgrowth diminish the conversion of T4 into T3 thyroid hormone causing hypothyroidism
  • High levels of cortisol promote conversion of active thyroid hormone T3 into metabolically inactive reverse T3 causing hypothyroid symptoms
  • Estrogen dominance suppresses the thyroid function leading to hypothyroidism and increased thyroid autoimmunity
  • Progesterone balances estrogen and supports thyroid function

You can learn more about all these factors of your physiology in FREE introduction videos where Dr. Walsh explains how exactly it affect your thyroid and weight loss efforts. To learn much more details about each of these factors, visit Fat is not your fault

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