Help IBD Research and Get Paid For Sharing Your Experiences With Crohn’s Disease And Ulcerative Colitis

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I would like to let you know about this new and exciting opportunity offered by a health research company asking to help IBD research.

Patients (14 and +) and Caregivers (family, friends) from USA, Canada and now also EUROPE (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) of any disability, disorder, syndrome, disease or condition including  IBD, Crohn’s disease, colitis and ulcerative colitis are invited to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews to contribute to medical research and improve medical products and services.

Join to participate online and ​receive a $5 gift card of your choice for signing up. Your information is confidential, and your email/name is never shared. You may be invited to participate in surveys from time to time, where qualified patients and caregivers will be paid at the $100 per hour rate.

They are proud to have rewarded patients with over $3 million since our founding! They pledge to qualified patients and caregivers that they will:

  • Send you the $5 gift card of your choice, for example Starbucks
  • Send you a check within a week of when the study is completed

For example, currently urgently looking for participants for:

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Patients  research study needs participants for a 20 minute online survey and $35 compensation. 

Ulcerative Colitis Patients and Caregivers of children 18 and younger for a 45 minutes phone interview and compensation of $115.

Upcoming C. difficile research study is looking for at least 24 participants that have had C. diff. within the last 24 months for a 60 minute phone interview and $100 payout.

Ostomy research study for patients who are willing to participate in a 5 minute online survey and compensation of $20.

Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis Patients 65+ from the USA who are on the Medicare group D are invited to participate in a 20 minute online survey with a compensation of $35.

Short Bowel Syndrome Patients for a 60 minute webcam interview using ZOOM. Mandatory two pre-interview assignments. Compensation is $190.

Colon Cancer Patients for a 20 minute online survey and compensation of $35.
Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients for a 90 minute webcam interview and compensation of $150.

And there are many more research studies like this! Please sign up here to receive a $5 gift card and be the first to get email invitations to participate when new research studies become available for your health condition.

Currently looking for

Covid-19 Patients for a 60 minute web-assisted phone interview and compensation is $100.
300+ Patients with Diabetes for a 35 minute online survey and compensation of $55.


Would you like your voice to be heard?

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How Does It Work

During the registration process, they gather personal information (name, address, phone, age, etc.) and additional information regarding participant’s condition, such as disease, disease type, and medications used. They do this so we can send members invitations to participate in research that best corresponds with their current medical status and interests.

Your contact information is used only to invite you to take part in research studies. You will receive an email describing the study, how much time it might take, and what the dollar reward is.

● None of your personal information will be made available to anyone without your permission​ except in the rare instances required by law. This includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.

● Nothing will be ever offered for sale​ – that is not their business. They will never sell your name to anyone else who might want to sell you anything.

● Your individual ​responses to surveys will also be kept confidential​ and never be linked to your personal identifying information.

● Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

The primary way of contacting you is via email​. Your email address will be used to send you invitations to participate in research and gift cards.

Their bank, PNC, requires your address and phone number for them to send you reward checks. And sometimes new sign ups can be called to verify their information. ​But you will never be called for sales purposes.

Occasionally you may be invited to take part in a telephone interview. In that case, you are identified only by your first name and last initial and the state in which you live.

The answers you provide to questions are used to ​help medical research companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers and advocacy groups improve their products and services​.

Most of the surveys that members are invited to are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. They are often working on new treatments and want to understand what patients think of descriptions of the new treatments.

They may want to learn which product features and benefits are most important. They may want to learn about patient satisfaction with current products.

The information you provide helps the manufacturers create products and services that match with patient desires. Your answers are combined with those of other participants who have completed the research and the data is analyzed. ​Individual identities are not shared with the data. 

In appreciation for participation in offered research projects, ​participants receive a reward payment by check​ mailed directly to them at the close of the research. ​These rewards can range from $25 for a 15 minutes survey to $100 or more for an hour-long telephone interview.

For further details, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the registration page when you

Sign Up To Participate In Research Here

IBD research

P.S. Someone should only be signing up once. After signing up you will receive a confirmation email asking to confirm your email address. After you confirm your email and your information was validated you will receive another email with your login information to your profile so that you can update your info and medical conditions when needed.

If someone used the link and signed up, then immediately went back to the link to signup again they will get a “timed out message.” The system makes you wait 20 or so minutes before you can go back to it and signup again.

If this happened to you please:

  1. Check for the confirmation email in your email box asking to confirm your email address. For any case please also check your spam folder.
  2. If you don’t receive a confirmation email please try sign up again in about 20 minutes.

To sign up please click here

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