Where Does Bread Fit In Your Healing Diet?

Bread in the healing diet


For many of us bread is the food we love and some go so far as to say that they cannot live without it.

But there are a lot questions as to where bread fits in your healing diet. Some of you may have gone on a gluten-free diet, limited their sugar and carb intakes, adopted an autoimmune Paleo protocol, GAPS or any other healing diet necessary to improve their health.

Often this requires a restriction or even a complete avoidance of eating bread and a need to look for substitutions. The alternatives are not so easy to find and don’t come cheap.



In fact, many of you told me that the food they are missing the most is… bread.

So, what can you do?

Well, you’re about to find out…

Today I’d like to share a special article written by Kelley Herring who has a background in nutritional biochemistry. She is also an expert chef and recipe creator. I promise that you have never heard a perspective on bread quite like hers before.

If you enjoy bread but are not sure how to make it healthier without breaking your budget you do NOT want to miss what she has to say.

The great thing is that she also explains how you can put bread back on the table today without being afraid of any negative reaction such as food sensitivity, weight gain or getting off your healing diet.

Click here to learn about Healthier Bread For Healing Diet And Weight Loss

By the way, if you believe you’re making a healthier choice by choosing “gluten-free” bread or other gluten-free products, you will definitely want to read it.

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