Hypothyroidism Seminar

Free Hypothyroidism Seminar

Part 1: Why Common Thyroid Treatments Are Not Working, Can Even Be Harmful And How To Properly Treat Hypothyroidism

In this video you learn:

  • Why your hypothyroidism treatment may not be working
  • 2 Very common hypothyroidism treatments that are harmful and you should not rely on:

– A well-known heavily promoted supplement that may cause more harm than good

– Why a commonly prescribed thyroid medication seldom works and how it can make you feel even worse

  • How your thyroid hormone pathway should be functioning and what happens when you have hypothyroidism
  • How you properly treat hypothyroidism and what really works the best
  • 3 Powerful tips on what you should focus on to recover from hypothyroidism:

– How to improve T4 to T3 conversion and get an active thyroid hormone to your cells

– How to address an important factor that can suppress your thyroid function and action of the thyroid hormone on a cellular level

– Why you should stop focusing only on the treatment of your thyroid imbalance and start paying more attention to other    hormones that can support or inhibit your thyroid function

Part 2: How To Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism And 5 Simple Hypothyroidism Diet Tips To Help Improve Your Thyroid Function Today

In this video you learn:

  • What you have to do to lose weight with hypothyroidism
  • Why decreasing calorie intake doesn’t work for people with hypothyroidism and makes you even more hypothyroid
  • The most important step you have to take to lose weight and speed up your metabolism
  • #1 Hormone that suppresses your thyroid function and makes you gain weight
  • 5 Simple diet tips to lose weight if you are hypothyroid:

– A delicious type of food you should eat more often to support your thyroid, compensate for negative effects of stress and balance your blood sugar

– The best kind of fats to include into your diet for a better thyroid health

– One food that has all nutrients that your thyroid needs to ensure it can function properly

– How much water do you really need and when you should drink it (you may be very surprised!)

– A therapeutic use of a well-known drink (probably one of your favorites) that can help to get more nutrients to your cells

Part 3: The Hypothyroidism And Cholesterol Connection And Why Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Are NOT The Answer

In this video you learn:

  • The #1 reason why you may have high cholesterol levels that most doctors miss and don’t properly treat but prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs instead
  • 3 Common myths about cholesterol and why your body absolutely needs adequate cholesterol levels to be healthy
  • Why low cholesterol is far more dangerous than high cholesterol and how cholesterol can be your protection against most degenerative diseases
  • How your thyroid hormones (especially T3) affect your cholesterol levels and what does it mean for you
  • Why cholesterol lowering drugs are useless when you have hypothyroidism and what you should do instead
  • A simple self-test that you can do at home to determine if you are hypothyroid on a cellular level (this will save you a lot of time, money and help to avoid problems related to too wide “normal reference range” and doctor’s over-reliance on TSH test alone for diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism)
  • A single sure-fire approach to lowering your high cholesterol levels naturally if you have hypothyroidism

Solution Step 1: Effective Hypothyroidism Treatment

Hypothyroidism Treatment Presentation
Tom Brimeyer“When someone comes to me and says they have tried everything and nothing works. That’s simply not true. All that is telling you is that you haven’t addressed the underlying problem(s).”

Here is how to get started with hypothyroidism treatment – learn more about my Hypothyroidism Program

Tom Brimeyer,

Functional Medicine Practitioner


Solution Step 2: How To Exercise With Hypothyroidism Without Damaging Your Thyroid

Hypothyroidism Exercise

Tom Brimeyer“There is only one safe and truly effective way to exercise and boost your metabolism if you suffer from hypothyroidism”

Here is how to get started with exercise when you have hypothyroidism – learn more about my Hypothyroidism Exercise Program

Tom Brimeyer,

Functional Medicine Practitioner



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