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If you have or suspect that you may have any thyroid and/or autoimmune condition you have A LOT of questions about your health. However, doctors don’t have time to answer ALL of them and private health care is not affordable for everyone.

If you are looking for answers, you NOW have the opportunity to get the answers to the thyroid and/or autoimmune questions you have always wanted.

Get answers to ANY thyroid or autoimmune related questions

I provide you with conventional and holistic medicine views on YOUR particular health issue.

The advantages of this type of guidance are:

  • Personalized one-on-one opportunity to get your thyroid and/or autoimmune questions answered. This is all about YOU and not about general information that you can read on the Internet or in print that may not always apply to you. Everybody is different and yes you are right, I will be looking at YOUR symptoms, YOUR personal health situation and answer YOUR questions about YOU.
  • Specific. Ask your question, I will respond with specific information providing you with conventional and holistic medicine views on YOUR particular thyroid and/or autoimmune health issue.
  • Comprehensive. That is right, you get a comprehensive answer. You can ask me whatever you would like to know and what is most important to you and get your thyroid and/or autoimmune questions answered. You let me know what you do not understand, do not know and what you want to “figure out” and I provide you with highly relevant information.
  • Independent Opinion. You always can count on my honest and forthright opinion. I will provide you with conventional and holistic medicine views on your particular health issue. I will point you to reliable informational resources and give you direction.
  • Direct  Communication. Ask me ANY questions you want and get your answers conveniently by email. You will have access to my personal email address where you and I communicate one-on-one.


Bottom line: It is all about providing you with resourceful highly relevant information that is important to you and to get your thyroid and/or autoimmune questions answered.


You tell me what you want to know and get the answers


To get your thyroid and/or autoimmune questions answered you will need to choose one of the following question options:

Ask ONE question


Ask up to THREE questions

I will answer up to a maximum of 3 questions.

What questions to ask and not to ask:

  • To begin, think what is your most important thyroid and/or autoimmune question you want to get answered and to address first. You can ask me about ANYTHING you want related to your thyroid and/or autoimmune condition, it is completely up to you. But ask your questions wisely.
  • Please do not ask unrealistic questions such as “Could you give me a list of all 101 places where I can buy gluten-free food in my area?” or “What are the exact rules of Paleo diet?” You need to read a book about the Paleo diet to find an answer on this question and you do not need me for that.
  • Ask the questions you have always wanted to have answered and learn about your thyroid and/or autoimmune disease.
  • Do NOT ask YES or NO questions if you would like to get a comprehensive answer. Specify what exactly you would like to know.
  • Ask a specific question about YOUR personal situation and experience with thyroid and/or autoimmune disease that can help you to understand and manage your health condition better.


How it works

Before we get started, let me explain to you how it works.

Please read carefully before ordering:

  • If you ask more questions than the option you paid for I will only respond to the first questions that are in the queue according to the option ordered.
  • Ask ALL three questions for the 3 questions option TOGETHER in your first email. If you ask less than 3 questions initially you cannot “catch up” later and ask me missing questions later on. Do not waste your money by choosing a wrong question option.
  • I guarantee your thyroid and/or autoimmune question answered within or up to a maximum 5 days including week-ends. However, I may come back to you if I would need more information to provide you with a comprehensive answer. I will treat anything you tell me in strictest confidence.
  • I may email you an answer earlier than in 5 days after you place your order depending on the time difference, the need for more information from you and the number of orders in queue. These 5 days also cover week-ends.
  • When you ask me your question please ensure that you give me all necessary information that is relevant to your question. If you have thyroid disease and take thyroid medication please indicate it and specify the dose and the brand.


Be ready to provide me with the following information:

  • Describe your symptoms
  • Indicate if you are already diagnosed with thyroid and/or any other medical condition
  • What medications and supplements you are taking
  • Attach a scanned copy of your blood work if you have a question about your test results
  • Attach a list of supplements if you would like me to review it



Marina Gutner, PhD

I am a researcher, medical writer and Author of forthcoming series on thyroid, Hashimoto’s disease and autoimmunity. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroditis and hypothyroidism in 2004 at the age of 32 and it didn’t take long until I found myself in a critical condition unable to work and to perform simple daily tasks.

As many of you, I know very well that conventional medicine doesn’t offer any solution for autoimmune diseases and many patients have difficulties even to get diagnosed in the standard health care system. The truth is that you don’t have many chances to get better if you don’t start to actively educate yourself about your thyroid condition, look for reliable information, ask questions and take a proactive approach to your health.

I am originally trained in natural science and specialise in how radioactivity, heavy metals and toxic non-metals from industrial pollution affect  environment and our health. To find a solution for my thyroid problems, I used my professional experience as a researcher and started to investigate on my own.

I found that there are successful holistic alternatives that can help to significantly improve hypothyroid symptoms, reduce thyroid medication and in some cases reverse Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism. I am getting thyroid and autoimmune related questions every day and decided to introduce this service so that everybody can afford to get answers to their questions.

Ultimately, I’m doing this because I’m a thyroid patient like you who has struggled with all the issues I’ve just described, and found effective solutions to them. It would be a pleasure to share them with you and help you on your own way to recovery.


Read what others have to say:

Thank you for all the information on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I appreciate it very much!  My brother and I both have Hashimoto’s!
Lynda M., WA
I wish I would have known this before I ended up hospitallized with heart palpitations due to Grave’s disease. Thank you! You’ve been extremely helpful!
Barb S., CA
Thank you for your answers! I was so scared that I’d be told again that it is all in my head because my pain isn’t visible!
Gloria P., UK
I am really glad you pointed me to the right resources about being gluten free because I had no idea what I was doing.
Carol D., Canada
Thank you for your input. I had my doctor’s appointment and asked to order thyroid tests that you suggested. I finally got diagnosed after 8 years of hell!
Lisa W., OR
I have read in the past that Hashimoto’s requires a special diet but just wasn’t sure where to start. I would like to thank you for helping me to understand how my digestive problems were causing many of my symptoms and contributing to Hashimoto’s. I have become a whole new person after I started to use information you provided. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it.
Monica G., NY
I truly appreciate your counseling link where I can go if I do need any questions answered. Thank you so very much!
Rob Q., Australia
I am hypothyroid and I’ve tried so many diets but nothing has worked. I was gaining more and more weight and got very frustrated! I didn’t know that not only my thyroid problems but also a hormonal imbalance were causing my weight gain. Thank you for explaining it to me! So not only did I lose almost 2o pounds, but I also have more energy now to do the things which would easily have worn me out before.
Mary P., Canada
You were the best person to ask about my lab results. My doctor is so conservative. Her answer is always: “Add more levothyroxine.” Thank you for your answers! I truly appreciate it.
Elisabeth S., WA
I just wanted to update you with my progress to let you know that my thyroid antibodies went down, I am feeling far less fatigued and  even lost 8 pounds in 2 months. My thanks goes out to you with all my heart.
Joan L., IL
I have found your answers fantastic. Really fantastic. Thanks Marina!
Ellen W., Germany


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If you feel that you rather would like to write me a long letter about your thyroid struggles and describe your symptoms so I can make a comprehensive assessment of your current thyroid health situation you can order a Thyroid Report.

Thyroid report will address your health concerns and provide you with answers to your multiple questions. It is a 4-5 pages comprehensive assessment of your personal situation that is designed to help you transform your health and provide you with the information and tools you need to take immediate action and get better.

The basic components of Thyroid Report include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your thyroid health situation
  • Answers to your multiple questions
  • Introduction to new information, treatment options, practitioners and approaches
  • Your personal action plan that outlines steps to take
  • Personalized recommendations, resources, articles and handouts emailed to you

Order Thyroid Report for only $67


If you would like to focus on a Holistic Nutritional approach to treatment of thyroid disease I can recommend you a  Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in thyroid and autoimmune issues and reversed her own Hashimoto’s disease with a special diet.

You can choose between 3 following options:

  • Group Thyroid Coaching (remote or in person)
  • 3 months One-on-One Thyroid Coaching (remote or in person)
  • A downloadable DIY Thyroid Program that describes Holistic Nutritional approach to treat thyroid and Hashimoto’s disease. The Thyroid Program is available for a fraction of the Thyroid Coaching costs and can start immediately.

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