“Hidden” sources of gluten

Commercial broth and stocks
Bullion cubes and bases
Canned soups
Bottled salad dressings
Sauces and thickeners often contain flour
Most seasonings and seasoning packets
Binders, Fillers, Inert substances and “Natural flavouring”
Brown rice syrup
Curry powder
Malt vinegar
Food additives
Oats and other grains through cross contamination
Dairy products
Flavoured coffee mixes
Flavoured  hot chocolate
Ice cream
Protein drinks
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Textured vegetable protein
Hydrolyzed plant protein
Modified food starch
Non-dairy creamers
Cheap brands of chocolate
Chutneys and pickles
Mustard and Catsup may contain wheat
Candy and candy bars
Thickening agents such as “dextrin” or “modified food starch”
Baby food
French fries
Frozen dinners
Imitation meats such as crab meat
Potato chips
Processed cheeses
Hot dogs, Cold cuts, Salami, Sausages
Rice mixes
Seasoned tortilla chips
Communion wafers
Meat and fish pastes
Blue cheese may be made with bread
Luncheon meat may contain fillers
Soy Sauce
Most Worcestershire Sauce
Packaged or processed meats
Most deli meats