This Is Making Thyroid Patients Sicker Every Single Day

Leaky Gut Syndrome And Thyroid…and you are one of them if you have Hashimoto’s, Graves any other autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia or digestive issues.

If you follow my blog for some time you know that I am not a big proponent of Paleo diet and Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. The reason is simple…

While it may be helpful to some people Autoimmune Paleo Protocol didn’t work for me back in 2012 when I tried it for 8 months

Here is why:

▪ I failed to heal my intestine because a restrictive diet alone wasn’t enough for me to repair the damage caused by leaky gut syndrome

▪ I lost over 20 LBS initially but gained all of it back and some more, in fact additional 20 LBS more as soon as I started to introduce foods back into my diet

▪ After 8 months on Autoimmune Paleo I become even more hypothyroid and started experience fatigue, terrible insomnia, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, dizziness and my low adrenal problem got worse

Unfortunately, all these negative effects of Autoimmune Paleo Protocol are very typical for people with hypothyroidism and I explain why in a minute.

All these new and old symptoms had to stop…. and I had to find a way to get better.

5 Lessons Learned:

  • If you are on Paleo and eat less than 100 g of carbs per day you are on a low carb diet which can make you even more hypothyroid and cause major imbalances that could take years to heal. There is a very fine line how many carbs do hypothyroid patients need but we need some for sure because insulin is necessary for T4 to T3 thyroid hormone conversion.
  • Studies show that low carb diets are very thyroid suppressive due to lowered conversion of T4 into T3, changes in neurotransmitters (think insomnia and depression), too much stress on your adrenals and promote further glycogen deficiency in people with hypothyroidism.
  • “Safe starches” may not be safe due to cross-reactivity issues.
  • Excluding foods and whole food groups out of your diet for a long period of time is not a very good idea especially if you are already hypothyroid. You cannot be on a very restrictive diet forever without getting negative effects such as nutritional deficiencies, feeling deprived, weight loss plateau, insomnia, muscle mass loss and many more. This has nothing to do with your will power but rather with your physiology.
  • If you don’t heal leaky gut you will never be able to re-introduce many (if any) foods back into your diet safely. So, just cutting out problematic foods is not a sustainable approach. Healing leaky gut is THE KEY to how you can get away from the life-long restrictive diet, stop autoimmune attack and reverse your chronic symptoms without being stuck on a restrictive diet forever.

Don’t get me wrong: Eating real food is very important to healing leaky gut syndrome.  But the #1 mistake people make is thinking that diet alone can heal their gut.

Sure, it can happen in some people… but not even close to the majority most of the time.

The reality is that almost EVERYONE needs more than a diet alone.  Leaky gut is a complex problem that can affect many areas of the body.  Therefore, it’s unlikely that just ONE THING can single-handedly “fix” “cure” or “solve” it.

I had to look for other options that focus more on healing the damage and restoring a balance rather than only cutting out foods.

And I found it.

As of today I lost weight that I gained during ups and downs of my thyroid medication adjustments, stopped Hashimoto’s disease, reduced my thyroid meds and recovered from severe adrenal imbalance. I am not suffering from chronic symptoms any longer and left restrictive diets in the past because now I am able to eat nearly all foods that I couldn’t before (and I wasn’t tolerating lots of them).

I credit my amazing results to… this exact Leaky Gut Healing Protocol

*This leaky gut healing protocol was created by a Holistic Nutritionist and if you think that it will cost you hundreds of dollars like most programs offered today you will be pleasantly surprised that your path to healing can start with just $39.95.

If you are not getting better and already tried many things I don’t want you to get discouraged. Instead, consider the possibility that you may have leaky gut syndrome and this may be the factor that prevents you from recovery.

You don’t have to have digestive symptoms to have leaky gut (only 70% actually do)… but if you do have digestive problems you’re at a higher risk.

To help you to find out if leaky gut syndrome is indeed your problem I would like to give you a Free Report: How To Heal Leaky Gut Without Spending A Fortune On Supplements And Being Stuck On A Restrictive Diet Forever

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