Practical Tips How To Overcome Fatigue And Improve Your Energy

Ari Whitten

There is no doubt that fatigue is a huge life and dreams killer. This is just the truth.

When you are fatigued, it feels like you are living only half the life you were meant to live. You are just watching your life go on without you.

In a way, it’s almost like being paralyzed, because your body just won’t let you do the things you want and love to do.

It’s easy to feel hopeless when you’re in that state. But you don’t have to stay this way…


One week ago a best-selling author, Ari Whitten, gave away FREE ACCESS to the Energy Blueprint that is valued at $197. He just released these four videos and I suggest to make some time to watch them because his findings and research about fatigue are something important you don’t want to miss.

In the first video Secrets Of The New Science Of Energy he laid out 4 secrets of the new science of energy. (And debunked a lot of pseudoscience about fatigue potentially saving you lots of time and frustration).

Here’s what you’ll discover in the video #1

  • SIX strategies to build REAL energy at the cellular level.
  • The real causes of fatigue… and how to fix them. (It’s not as simple as “adrenal fatigue”).
  • How to “clean up” damaged parts of cells to free up even more energy.

In the Video #2 How To Build Your Cellular Engine For 200% More Energy, he talked about why having big, powerful and undamaged cellular energy generators (mitochondria) is a major key to beating fatigue. And he gave you 2 powerful strategies to actually build a bigger, more powerful cellular engine that pumps out energy all day.

Watch the video #2 and learn this

  • Rebuilding your internal antioxidant defense system! (50-100x more effective than vitamin C or antioxidant pills).
  • Make your cells regenerate faster while you sleep, so you wake up filled with energy.
  • How to literally build a bigger, stronger cellular engine (mitochondria) so your cells have WAY more energy-producing capacity (this one blows people away when they see it).

In the Video #3: Supercharge Your Brain To Fix Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog And Fatigue, which is the most powerful video yet! Why? Because he gives you practical actionable tips that you can start implement right away.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video #3

  • The link between fatigue and brain symptoms (like anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more)
  • Hidden keys to dramatically improve your brain function – giving you more brain energy and brain clarity
  • The key types of cellular dysfunction in the brain that drive anxiety and depression, and powerful strategies to re-wire your brain OUT of anxiety/depression mode
  • 20 powerful and evidence-based foods and supplements that can dramatically improve your brain health and energy
  • A 5-10 minute daily practice to supercharge your brain with called the “Secret Smile”

I bet this is the most powerful science-backed actionable piece of advice that you have seen in years.

And the final Video #4 is about How To Have A Lot More Energy.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video #4

  • This is the breakthrough new research that is completely re-shaping what scientists and doctors know about what causes fatigue – and how to fix it.
    In fact, TONS of doctors and leaders in healthcare follow Ari’s work.
  • Discover the factors in your environment (and lifestyle) that switch off energy production in your mitochondria – and how to turn your cells back ON, into “High Energy Mode.”
  • Get the EXACT 6 steps to follow to PUMP UP your energy, and beat fatigue.

This video is a must-watch for ALL of us.

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So far, his Energy Blueprint has changed 50,000 lives. I hope you are not missing out and watching his videos (3 videos out of 4 are available right now).

Do yourself a favor and make some time this week-end to learn about new science how to improve your energy and brain function. But hurry, this will only be available for free for a few more days.

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Feeling Tired? Take This Quiz To Discover Why

Many people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease don’t have the energy that they used to before getting their diagnosis and are dragging themselves through the day.

Now, of course, being a little tired at the end of a long day of hard physical or mental work is perfectly normal.

But waking up groggy every day and dragging yourself through the day is NOT NORMAL and you don’t have to go through life that way.

You may not know this, but there are specific signs and symptoms that can actually tell you if you have just normal tiredness (which may just mean you need a little time off work, or a vacation) … OR … if you have serious problems at the cellular level and your cellular energy systems are dysfunctional.

If you would like to find out what your tiredness really means, I would suggest to take a special QUIZ (based on scientific research) to determine whether your cellular energy generating systems are dysfunctional or not.

If they are, it’s critically important to catch this early on, because the longer you wait, the higher the chance it could lead to severe chronic fatigue.

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Quiz Energy Blueprint

P.S. Unfortunately, many people with hypothyroidism are hypothyroid on a cellular level despite their lab test results being normal. This happens when thyroid hormones cannot get into the cells and perform their metabolic action as they should.

Taking this quiz will help you understand whether you have problems at the cellular level and how it can make you feel tired. You will discover your personal Energy Score and get an explanation why you feel the way you do.

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Out of curiosity, I actually took this quiz myself and my personal Energy Score was spot on! Learn about yours here

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