FREE Opportunity For Health Website Owners

FREE health website promotionThe success of your website depends on how easily it can be found by your potential customers using Google and other search engines. While social media and other sources can send you traffic, most visitors come to your website from the search engines.

The cold hard truth is that

If your website cannot be found in search engines, you don’t exist.

It is not a secret that Google created their search algorithms and evaluates the importance of your website based on how many links or back links are pointed to your website from other websites in your and related niches.

Let help each other to get a better page rank and be found by people who are actively searching on the Internet for the information and services we provide.

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The Opportunity

Would you like to exchange back links with my site for FREE to support each other and improve our website ranking in search engines and Google?

I am accepting a free link exchange with websites that provide high quality content about health, thyroid and wellness.

I would be happy to exchange back links with you if:

  • You have a website in the health, thyroid and wellness niche that provides high quality information and makes a difference in people’s lives
  • You are a doctor or certified medical practitioner
  • You are a nutritionist, dietitian or wellness coach
  • You are a certified health or sport professional that helps people to lose weight and archive a better health
  • You are a published book author who has a website

How does it work?

Please connect with me via DM at Twitter or Facebook or contact me via email at admin at outsmart disease (.) com with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your website URL
  3. Contact information for me to reply to your inquiry: email, Twitter or Facebook

I will check out your website and if you qualify I will send you the following information within 48 hours:

  1. My website or page URL
  2. Anchor text for the back link to my website
  3. A short description for the link
  4. Ask you to place a do-follow back link to my website on your website and provide me with a URL where you placed the back link
  5. Ask you to provide me with your website or page URL, anchor text and a short link description so that I can place this information on my website and link back to you

After you place a link to my website and send me the information necessary for the placement of a back link to your site I will send you a confirmation within 48 hours with a URL where I placed a do-follow back link to your website.

Currently my website has a page rank PR 2. I do NOT have any specific requirements to your page rank in search engines. The only requirement is to be in the same or related niche and have high quality content on your website.

Everybody who is qualified, is welcome to contact me.


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Marina Gutner, PhD

Owner of Thyroid blog