Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Available Now

Coronavirus COVID 19 test


The lab is sourcing test kits and will let us know when the test is available again

True Health Labs has just received a limited amount of COVID-19 test kits for nasopharyngeal swab – Nucleic Acid Assay (NAA). They are available to be ordered here, however, there are some stipulations:

Because of the limited testing supplies shortage in the USA, only order the COVID-19 test if you have virus symptoms. True Health Labs will offer “peace of mind” testing at a later date when supplies are more plentiful.

COVID-19 Symptoms And Signs To Watch For

COVID 19 symptoms

COVID 19 signs

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Here Is How COVID-19 Testing Works

1.Choose a health care facility near you (USA only) and order your COVID-19 test kit online at the True Health Labs. The lab already giving a substantial discount on this and many other tests. To get an additional 10% discount use the coupon code LIMITED1003 at the check out for your entire order if you need more than one kit or more tests to be done.

Order COVID-19 Test Kit HERE

2. True Health Labs mails you the COVID-19 test kit.

3. You must take the Coronavirus test kit to a health care facility you choose when you placed your online order and do the COVID 19 nasopharyngeal swab – Nucleic Acid Assay (NAA) test at this designated facility. No appointment necessary.

Important: Samples can not be collected at home. Samples must be collected at a healthcare facility and not a patient service center .

4. The healthcare facility needs to arrange pickup from the lab that is going to process the sample (Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics, you will be notified which one you are receiving during your online order). Samples can not be picked up from your home.

Important: Samples cannot be collected at Labcorp or Quest Diagnostic draw centers.

5. The results will be reported to you, not your doctor. It is your responsibility to share your results with your healthcare practitioner. Know that your results may be reported to the state by the lab.

Order COVID-19 Test Kit HERE

True Health Lab is the first private lab to offer COVID-19 test kit and it is NOT at home test. The test kit is mailed to you and you have to go to a health care facility near you to do the test.

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Why To Order COVID-19 Test Yourself

About 30 million Americans are not insured and 44 millions are underinsured and now can get the Coronavirus test at reduced costs.

Up until late February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was only conducting testing at its own labs. Now testing is conducted at the hospitals and they are still sending the bills to insurances or patients directly and insurances are sending the bills to patients.

According to people who already went through this and the media, depending on their medical insurance people are getting bills between $900 and $3900 for Coronavirus related tests and medical services.

Starting from 18th of March 2020 getting tested for the coronavirus supposed to be free, however it probably won’t always work out this way for everyone. Plus, the law also only covers COVID-19 testing starting the day it was enacted. So if you got tested before 18th of March, it will not apply to these services.

Here is what Times wrote about Coronavirus COVID-19 testing costs:

Covid 19 test costs

Source: Times from March 20th 2020

In the times of pandemic everybody should have an affordable opportunity to get tested and True Health Labs is the first one to provide it. Many people may not be able to afford this test otherwise or think twice before getting tested or going to the doctor.

By ordering Coronavirus COVID-19 test through True Health Lab you could could substantially cut your costs for:

  • Test kit itself and postage for mailing it to your home
  • Taking the nasopharyngeal swab at the designated health facility
  • Arranged sample pick up from health facility by Labcorp or Quest Diagnostic draw centers
  • Testing at the testing facility
  • Emailing you your lab test results within 4-5 days after collecting the sample.

Who Should Seriously Consider To Order COVID-19 Test

People with symptoms AND who:

  1. Don’t have medical insurance. Ordering through True Health Lab could substantially reduce your costs.
  2. If you are underunsured and have a copay and/or deductibles. Check with your insurance and see how mach they actually pay. You may be caught by surprise with additional costs!
  3. If medical facilities in your area don’t have or run out of test kits as an alternative you can get Coronavirus COVID-19 test kit through True Health Labs mailed to you and go to the medical care facility with your own test kit to get tested.

5 Featured Lab Tests During Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Complete Thyroid Panel: Contains comprehensive tests that most healthcare practitioners never consider.
  • Complete Blood Count– Provides insights about your red and white blood cells and other important health markers
  • Natural Killer Cell and Regulatory T-cell panel– Helps fight viruses; CBC included
  • Chronic Inflammation Panel: Gives insights on what part of the immune system is responsible for chronic inflammation.
  • Vitamin D – Know your optimal level for optimal immune responses (Vitamin D levels are often low in people with thyroid and autoimmune disorders)
  • Health Check Plus– Large panel to give you biological insights. Markers include CBC, Complete Metabolic Panel, Vitamin D, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Electrolytes, Urinalysis and more.

During this time of uncertainty, True Health Labs offers an additional 10% discount to all orders. Just use the discount code LIMITED1003 at the check out.

COVID19 test kit

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