How To Get The 180 Degree Health Platinum Collection For More Than 60% Off

Happy Sunday!

Independent researcher Matt Stone has the good and the bad news today. The good news is that he offers his complete Platinum Collection that includes his entire work ever published, at more than 60% off.

You can get it today only for $27 instead of usual listed price of $59.95

by clicking here


The bad news is that this collection as well as all his other books won’t be available on his website any longer… He is taking them off from his website.

If you have a thyroid problem and/or slow metabolism please consider that Matt has had very little difficulty with helping people to increase metabolism. He helps people to bring low body temperatures up to the magic 97.8 degrees F or above (axillary/armpit temperature) when they start to lose weight even with hypothyroidism.

Another COMMON result for people who are on thyroid medication and follow Matt’s program is that they reduce or stop taking  thyroid drugs to avoid hyperthyroid symptoms as a result of the thyroid recovery and over-medication.

As Matt wrote in one of his articles: “In fact, I would gladly put my protocol up against thyroid medication any day, as temperature gains from 95.0 F to the upper 97’s is something that my followers regularly achieve in as little as 30 days.”

His approach is truly a ground breaking nutrition and lifestyle discovery although it’s not recognized as such by any “authority”.

The Platinum 180 Degree Health Collection includes:


– 4 ebooks: 180 Metabolism, 180 Digestion, 180 Diabetes, and 180 Kitchen,

– 12 eZines

– 6 hours of audio

– The RBTI Introduction Package (2 eBooks, 8 videos, 9 audios – available only with purchase of the Platinum Collection)

– The newest 180DegreeHealth eBooks – Food NinjasDiet Recovery, Diet Recovery 2, 12 Paleo Myths, and Eat for Heat.  

This is the ultimate collection of 180DegreeHealth materials.  It includes everything ever published on the site. A $329.54 value based on original release prices.

What are the advantages of getting the Platinum 180DegreeHealth Collection today:

1. You will get an access to Matt’s systematic approach to improving thyroid function, stabilizing your blood sugar, losing weight and increasing your metabolism without dieting and food deprivation.

2. For sure the more than 60% off makes it a valuable bargain. The Platinum Collection includes everything ever published on the site which has $329.54 value based on original release prices.

3. The $40 off offer is valid all day today only (24.11.2013). So if you come HERE tomorrow this incredible offer will expire and the product goes off the shelf

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P.S. The $32.95 off discount will automatically apply at the Check Out

P.P.S. If you don’t see any discount applied to your purchase at the Check Out it means that the offer is over because it is valid all day during this Sunday only (24.11.2013) and you are too late…