Your Access To Yoga For Hormones: Low Thyroid And Adrenals (And Much More)

yoga for hormones

When it comes to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease treatment most thyroid patients learn with time that conventional approach and thyroid medication only have limited results.

Thyroid disease is complex and there are many triggers that can cause hypothyroid and autoimmune symptoms. Foods, toxins, hormonal imbalances, stress and many other factors are involved and ignoring them can make your symptoms even worse.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how much and what type of thyroid medication you take because when you fail to address what actually causes or contributes to your thyroid disease you will always be hypothyroid and/or continue to have Hashimoto’s symptoms.

No amount of thyroid medication can compensate for your bad food choices, lack of sleep, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, compensate for stress, reduce toxins in your water, cosmetic products and the environment. If you ever want to get better with thyroid disease you have to look into all aspects of your life and try to make things better.

I know that the word “change” can sound scary and intimidating. The good news is that you can experience big results even when you start doing small steps toward healthier lifestyle, for example like this:

– Start with replacing one meal of the day with a healthier and more thyroid supportive alternatives using simple and proven recipes

– Go for a walk or do yoga to de-stress and get a better quality of sleep

– Learn how to replace store-bought cosmetic products with DIY options that are easy to make at home and actually work

– Try healthy meal plans that make your meals cheaper than the drive-thru and actually save money

Many thyroid patients want to make healthier choices, reduce stress, toxic load and commit to live a healthier life, however they lack the right tools that will help them to make a meaningful impact and bring long-lasting results.

But today, I have something that will make it easier for you.

It is called the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle where you can get access to 108 resources like eBooks, eCourses, online summits and printables that teach you not only what changes you can make but also how to make them the correct way to achieve best results.

What would a comprehensive resource like this be worth to the health of you and your family?

This year I am honoured that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle also includes my eCourse Yoga For Healthy Hormones: How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally By Balancing Low Thyroid And Adrenals

Yoga For Thyroid Hormones

It is a blessing to be among such incredible wellness experts and holistic health practitioners who are focused on helping people eat healthy, feel good and live happier lives.

You will benefit from my e-course Yoga For Healthy Hormones the most if you:

  • Have or suspect to have slow metabolism
  • Gain weight easily, have difficulties to lose weight and keep it off
  • Suffer from low thyroid and low adrenal function
  • Want to boost your metabolism naturally
  • Interested to use yoga to balance your thyroid and adrenals

This course will help you to:

  • Understand healthy versus slow metabolism
  • Discover #1 danger of slow metabolism for your health
  • Learn who can have slow metabolism and find out if you are at risk
  • Complete your own 4 step at home Metabolic Check to determine if you have a slow metabolism
  • Learn why yoga works and how to use it properly to boost your metabolism naturally (hint: you don’t need a power yoga and exerting exercises to do that!)
  • Use 5 powerful yoga techniques to boost metabolism naturally
  • Start practising yoga (even if you have never done it before) using 2 follow-along video yoga sequences filmed for you in Thailand and Nicaragua that were specifically designed to help balance low thyroid and adrenals

Here is what you get:

  • Instant Access to all course materials of e-course Yoga For Healthy Hormones: How To Use Yoga To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally By Balancing Low Thyroid And Adrenals developed by Marina Gutner, PhD, health researcher and medical writer, founder of
  • 4 Reliable and very powerful Metabolic Check tools to use at home to self-check your metabolism
  • 2 Instructional yoga videos you can take with you wherever you go and practice yoga on the beach, in a park, at home, in the office, while travelling and wherever you have an Internet connection:

– 19 Minute “Yoga for low thyroid” follow-along yoga sequence filmed in Thailand

– 11 Minute “Yoga for low adrenals” follow along yoga sequence filmed in Nicaragua

UNLIMITED 24/7 yoga and ability to access all course materials on the go which means not only on your home computer but also mobile on your laptop, phone and tablet*

* Check with your Internet provider for any fees applicable for use of Internet and a streaming video on mobile devises

Right now and for the next 30 days I made my Yoga For Healthy Hormones eCourse available only through the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2017 and there are only 4 more days left to get it.

If you are tired of your thyroid problems, not sleeping well, knowing you could eat better but not feeling like eating “health food “, or have perplexing hormone issues that aren’t resolving with conventional approaches the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2017 can be the resource that helps you start making small changes towards a healthier happier YOU.

To date, Ultimate Bundles has served over 80,000 people and have helped them improve their health and their life. Now it is here to help you!

I’m sure that in this Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle you’ll find answers to many thyroid related questions and health challenges you may have. After you get the bundle check out other products that can be beneficial for your thyroid:

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and many more great e-courses, e-books and bonuses! See the complete list of 108 products and bonuses on the bundle page.

I can personally confirm to feeling so much better by making changes to the way I eat, the products I use, how I exercise and manage stress. It’s made all the difference in the world and I want the same for you.

Get tools you need and start making improvements towards your healthier and happier life. Learn more about the bundle and get your copy HERE

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