Your Thyroid and Autoimmune Problems Solved

 A revolutionary Holistic Nutrition approach to have more energy, lose weight, overcome depression, eliminate pain, aches and chronic autoimmune and thyroid disease related symptoms with a Thyroid Diet Coaching in 90 days or less without expensive supplements, fad diets or band aid solutions!
Are you aware that an increasing number of people are on their way to recovery from chronic degenerative, autoimmune and thyroid diseases right now by learning how diet and digestion affects their health conditions and autoimmunity?
Conventional medicine suggests that a combination of genetic and environmental factors triggers autoimmune and thyroid diseases. ALL thyroid patients who have autoimmune Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease are told by their physicians that there is no cure and they have to take thyroid medication for life.
While starting with thyroid drugs can make you feel better temporarily it is not one fits all solution most of the time. Studies show that a long-term outcome for people with autoimmune thyroid conditions is… POOR:
  • The majority autoimmune and thyroid patients struggle with hypothyroid symptoms and weight loss despite taking medication.
  • Most people with autoimmune thyroid disease suffer from a high symptom load and a decreased quality of life even if their lab test results are normal.
  • People with autoimmune thyroid disease have 25% to 50% probability to develop one or more of other autoimmune diseases during their life time.
But you don’t have to accept a poor quality of life and a health care that doesn’t provide you with a sustainable solution.

Get Ready for Your Life to Change!

What if I could tell you a way you can STOP autoimmune attack on your thyroid, REDUCE or completely GET OFF thyroid medication and even REVERSE autoimmune thyroid disease in some cases with… a diet that heals?
Too good to be true? Not at all!

Here is why it really works.

Most health professionals underestimate healing properties of nutrition! If done correctly Holistic Nutrition can bring very powerful and often fast results. The aim of traditional Holistic Nutrition is to identify and remove ALL dietary triggers of thyroid autoimmunity. It can certainly improve your symptoms but
Even that is NOT ENOUGH for recovery in majority of cases.
The Holistic Nutrition for autoimmune and thyroid disease should not be limited to avoidance of foods that trigger thyroid autoimmunity such as high iodine or gluten. Some people may start temporarily feeling better by introducing just these small dietary changes. However,
You will never feel 100% until you address the root cause of autoimmune and thyroid disease.
The truth is that autoimmune and thyroid disease patients require a special diet to allow the intestinal damage to heal and restore its protective barrier in order to STOP the autoimmune attack and systemic inflammation.
Just like many of you I have autoimmune thyroid disease and have seen many doctors that were of absolutely no help. I struggled for years with multiple hypothyroid symptoms, weight gain and had severe adrenal insufficiency. But everything has changed for better after I discovered a way of eating that heals.
Ultimately, I learned that there really is a different way to live.
My personal health and weight loss journey has been dramatically enriched by many of the techniques and practices that you are about to learn in this incredible Holistic Nutrition Program that I would like you to introduce.
Before attending this program many autoimmune and thyroid disease patients had spent many years and hundreds and even thousands of dollars on doctors, tests, treatments, private clinics, books, fitness memberships and health clubs only to consistently struggle with their autoimmune and thyroid disease symptoms, failing to improve and be 100% yourself again.
The root cause of their autoimmune and thyroid disease was NEVER addressed because the doctors were focused on managing their symptoms!
Those who have made sustained progress and recovered using Holistic Nutrition approach are usually angry at their former physicians who took their hope of ever getting better away from them at the moment of diagnosis and never suggested Holistic Nutrition before starting them on medication.


What Results to Expect

A Holistic Nutritional approach to thyroid and autoimmune disease should always be tried immediately after the diagnosis is made and before prescribing medication. If Hashimoto’s disease is caught early enough before substantial damage to the thyroid gland is made it is then possible in many cases not only to STOP the progression but even REVERSE it, so that thyroid drugs won’t be necessary in many cases.
If you are already taking thyroid medication don’t get discouraged. I have a good news for you! People can benefit from the Holistic Nutrition approach at ANY stage of autoimmune thyroid disease and get into remission.
The longer you delay to start with Holistic Nutrition the more advanced the disease becomes and the more damage can be done to the organs and healthy tissues that cannot be restored. When the disease progresses people start to develop more chronic unexplainable symptoms, adult food allergies, imbalances, pain, other autoimmune conditions and inflammation can become systemic. To achieve significant improvements and prevent further damage you need to start with Holistic Nutrition as soon as possible or it will take longer to heal and require more commitment.


Why Work with a Holistic Specialist?

Initial stages of this Holistic Nutrition approach can be restrictive especially at the beginning depending on your personal situation and how advanced your condition is. As you start to implement changes you also start to feel better and it will motivate you to stick with the program until the healing process is completed.
Change is difficult but it is not about suffering.
Usually those who are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” put the most efforts forward and achieve better and quicker results due to enthusiasm and commitment to follow their new eating plan to get well again. It is especially rewarding to see such patients recover and reduce the need for medication.
But not everybody can do it on their own. Many people need guidance, motivation and support on their way to recovery and the best way to achieve it is to work with a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist who SPECIALIZES in diet for autoimmune and thyroid diseases.


You Need a Thyroid Holistic Specialist Who:

  • Specializes in your autoimmune and thyroid disease and who knows more than the average Health Coach or Holistic Specialist.
  • Will share their breakthrough tools, techniques and strategies and teach you how you can achieve sustainable long lasting results and keep it. When it is done right it is all about improving and feeling good.
  • Already has great results with many patients and can prove it.
  • Offers a comprehensive long-term solution for your autoimmune and thyroid disease.
Your success will depend not only on choosing the right Holistic Nutrition approach to autoimmune and thyroid disease but also on the qualification, knowledge and experience of your guide. Not all dietitians, health coaches and nutritionists are equal and can help you to restore your health. The majority of people have already seen many health practitioners and seldom get the results they want.
I know that many of you don’t believe in miracles after trying different doctors, treatments and being convinced that there are no cure. All what I am asking you is to
Open your mind to this new possibility to restore your health naturally, review the information on the Holistic Nutrition Program that I am about to introduce and get courage to change your life for better.


What to Do

I have some very exciting news for you. I will introduce you to the cutting age Holistic Nutrition Program to STOP and REVERSE autoimmune and thyroid diseases and provide you with information where you can get help that you desperately need.
I encourage you to start today and don’t wait until your thyroid gland gets destructed by autoimmune disease or your primary care physician suggests to remove it.  To learn how to use Holistic Nutrition, please fill out the form below and I will forward you all the information you need about the program right away. You will discover the most effective natural tools, dietary tips and techniques to support your thyroid, balance your immune system, increase your energy and lose weight naturally while creating optimal health for your body, mind and spirit!
Remember you are capable of extraordinary things when provided with the right information and guidance.

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