Rescue my thyroid

Many doctors and patients think that it is simple to correct thyroid issues by taking thyroid hormone medication. Unfortunately, the thyroid replacement and any hormone therapy doesn’t work this way. There are many thyroid defects that can’t be helped with thyroid medication alone or even may not need thyroid replacement at all to correct.

Naturopthic physician Dr Bryan Walsh created the most comprehensive educational program Rescue My Thyroid where he explains 8 common thyroid defects that are seldom diagnosed. A person can have normal lab test results and at the same time be truly hypothyroid.

Dr Walsh wrote 3 guides to thyroid health in the E-books format that will help you to understand your thyroid problem and provide you with a life changing information on how to correct it:

  1. Guide To Thyroid Health is an easy to follow program helping you to understand, evaluate and correct thyroid issues.
  2. Thyroid Lab Work Evaluation Form is a step-by-step method for interpreting your thyroid panel.
  3. Guide To Autoimmune Thyroid provides you with nutritional strategies for managing Hashimoto’s.

Here is a short video where Dr Walsh talks about common thyroid defects that most likely won’t be diagnosed by your doctor:

In addition to the E-books, Dr. Walsh includes the following 5 instructional videos in his program :

  1. Introduction To Thyroid explains what it is, what it does and why it’s important.
  2. Thyroid Physiology introduces thyroid hormone step-by-step
  3. Thyroid Defects pictures eight thyroid hormone defects that are missed by most doctor’s.
  4. Thyroid Lab Interpretation helps to evaluate your thyroid panel step-by-step.
  5. Fixing The Thyroid gives you practical recommendations on how to correct thyroid defects nutritionally.

When the traditional health system fails to recognize and properly treat thyroid problems it is up to the patients to take a proactive position in restoring their health and educate themselves and their physicians about alternative approaches to improve their thyroid condition.

For many of us it is not enough to just take a thyroid medication to manage the Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroid symptoms and to feel well. Finding and addressing the cause of the autoimmune disease and thyroid dysfunction can significantly improve the quality of life and make a true difference for many patients. If you are a dedicated learner who is actively looking for answers on how to improve your thyroid condition you may find them in the Rescue My Thyroid program.