Free Video Series: The Start To Reclaiming Your Thyroid Health

Free Thyroid Video SeriesAndrea Beaman is a natural food chef, Health Coach and Thyroid Expert who was diagnosed with her thyroid condition in 1996. She helped thousands of people to heal their thyroid since she started coaching in 1999.

Andrea is the only Health Coach that I know who was able to completely shrink her goiter, hasn’t had any thyroid symptoms for more than 15 years and is not on a life-long restrictive diet to maintain her vibrant health.

Instead of taking foods away and cutting them out of your diet Andrea focuses on putting more variety on your table. She has filmed a series of thyroid videos on how she heals thyroid conditions and wants to share them with you.

There are 4 videos “The Start To Reclaiming Your Thyroid Health” and combined in total they are over one and half hours in length. They will be available only until Monday-Tuesday of next week. If you don’t have much time and have to choose what to watch I prepared a short outline for each of the 4 videos for you so that you can choose to watch and listen about what interests you the most. But I have to warn you.

It will be a tough choice to make because everything what Andrea shares in these 4 videos is unique and you will realize that you need it all.

Video #1. Healing The Thyroid

Why you need to question your thyroid diagnosis

Why Andrea believes that thyroid disease is curable

Why and how your thyroid can and will heal

4 Factors involved in the healing process and why you won’t heal when they are out of balance

Why if you take medication or have your thyroid removed you may still suffer, not feel good and your symptoms come back again after some time

How to dig deeper and find your thyroid root cause

Why a woman’s body will naturally slow down after a pregnancy and give her hypothyroid symptoms

What imbalance you should correct first when you have autoimmune thyroid disease such as Hashimoto’s or Graves’

Why after trying different diets like Paleo, raw, macrobiotics, gluten- or dairy-free, supplements, herbs and many other treatments and remedies you may still struggle and haven’t healed your thyroid condition

How long exactly does it take for your thyroid to heal

How chasing your thyroid numbers and lab results prevents you from healing What your body wants you to do in order to shift into the healing mode

To watch the Thyroid Video Series CLICK HERE

Video #2. Case Studies And Healing Stories

Why now is the best time to heal your thyroid condition

3 Keys to heal thyroid disease (with case studies)

Andreas thyroid story and how she reversed her goiter, mixed symptoms of hyper- and hypothyroidism and lost weight

Why thyroid blood tests are not reliable and why focusing on thyroid numbers alone won’t bring you the results you want

The fastest case of thyroid healing that Andrea had in her praxis (it took just one month to reverse the thyroid imbalance completely)

How long does it take to heal the goiter

How you can give yourself thyroid condition by eating “healthy” and “improving” your diet

Why vegetarian diets don’t work for everyone when it comes to healing the thyroid

What happens when you unnaturally speed up your thyroid with thyroid medication and stimulants

2 Most common dysfunctions that cannot be found with any thyroid test but can prevent people with autoimmune thyroid disease from healing

Why you shouldn’t focus only on food alone to heal your thyroid Where are you on your thyroid healing journey right now?

To watch the Thyroid Video Series CLICK HERE

Video #3. What You Can Do Today

She goes through the huge list of healthy foods and all food categories that are not so healthy for healing your thyroid:

  • Animal protein, why you need it for thyroid healing and why you need to choose the right protein source for you
  • Non-gluten grains that promote goiter
  • Soy, soy beans, beans, nuts and seeds
  • Wheat and non-GMO (you may be very surprised here)
  • Vegetables and greens
  • Water

To watch the Thyroid Video Series CLICK HERE

Video #4. Heal Your Thyroid Now!

How you can move forward and heal your thyroid condition

Why it is time to stop spending your time and money on things that are not working

Why dieting will become unnecessary and you can naturally lose weight once you start to follow Andrea’s program

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of seaweed vegetables

Why after initially feeling good you are getting worse again by following many healthy whole food, organic and natural diets

How to put more variety of food on your table and not take it away

How you can eat most of your favorite foods without damaging your thyroid

What type of environment can potentially ruin your thyroid health

How safely and effectively you can eliminate unnecessary medications from your life

Why relying on diet alone may not be enough for thyroid healing and what else you should do

Why Andrea is confident that she can help you heal your thyroid

How to register for her 4 months thyroid healing program Nourishing Thyroid Health

To watch the Thyroid Video Series CLICK HERE

Here is the replay of the webinar “Essential Steps to Healing Your Thyroid And Stop Suffering” from 4-9-15. If you haven’t already registered for Andrea’s 4-months thyroid healing program “Nourishing Your Thyroid”, CLICK HERE to sign up now and don’t forget to enter your discount code thyroid100 at checkout to receive $100 OFF (when paid in full). The program starts this Tuesday on the 14th of April 2015