PCOS in women with Hashimoto’s disease

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Stein-Leventhal syndrome is the most common endocrine disorder that affects 6 to 12% of women of reproductive age. The clinical manifestation of PCOS varies from mild menstrual abnormalities to severe disturbances in reproductive function and metabolism. Women with PCOS have altered metabolism of estrogen and androgenic hormones such as testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). The vast majority of women with PCOS have severe … [Read more...]

List of associated diseases

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a disorder of the immune system, which affects the function of the thyroid gland. There are many findings about the relationship between other autoimmune diseases and Hashimoto’s. The immune system can also mistakenly target any other part of the body causing it to malfunction. In Hashimoto's disease in addition to thyroid antibodies patients can have antibodies to other tissues or enzymes as well that puts them at a higher risk to develop another autoimmune … [Read more...]

What The Thyroid Does As A Part Of Endocrine System

The endocrine system is composed of many different glands, which the main function is to manufacture specific hormones. Hormones are chemical substances that transport a signal from one cell to another and are necessary for cellular communication and regulation. Endocrine glands Pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain and produces hormones that control the activities of numerous other glands. Thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones that control metabolism, the body’s … [Read more...]

Find Out More About Your Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid gland The thyroid gland produces hormones that influence essentially every organ, tissue and cell in the body. The gland is located in the front central area at the base of your neck and has a butterfly shape. Although it is small and is a little more than two inches wide, it is the largest endocrine gland in the human body. The thyroid gland is a soft tissue and when healthy it is smooth and not tender. The main function of the thyroid gland is to produce, store and release into … [Read more...]