Announcing FREE Thyroid Community Calls

On Tuesday November 6th 2012 Magdalena Wszelaki a Thyroid Diet Coach will be launching FREE Thyroid Community Calls.

Thyroid Community Calls were created to nurture the sense of community amongst women (and a few good men) who actively seek:




These will be 60-minute calls held twice every month; every first Tuesday and third Thursday of the moon. Once you register for one Community Call, you will be getting reminders about the next calls.

The first Community Call starts with a topic that is painful and frustrating to so many women:

Thyroid And Reversing Hair Loss

Here is for you to register for the Thyroid Community Call to get your dial-in details.

Hosted on November 6th (Tue) at 8pm EST and 5pm PST.

What you will learn:

• Magdalena’s story of recovery from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s.

• Why is there a thyroid pandemic today.

• What are the key causes of hair loss and 7 steps to addressing hair loss.

• What is Thyroid Diet and how is it helping people to stop and reverse their hair loss and much much more.

It’s a LIVE call which means the lines will be opened to questions at the end of it. So, do have your thyroid questions ready!

Having battled Graves’ and later Hashimoto’s disease and all the symptoms that came with it was a long journey for Magdalena. As much as she had managed to get her depression, fatigue, constipation, anxiety attacks and insomnia under control, hair loss was the toughest one. It would come and go. She dove into extensive research and now wants to share it with you in 7 simple steps.

Hope you join the thyroid community on November 6th HERE

P.S. We all have these little “thyroid” questions that pop into our heads throughout the day. Write them down and ask them at the next Community Call on November 6th.

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